Global code of ethics for tourism


In the framework of the International Tourism Fair held last weekend in Madrid, the World Tourism Organisation got its Global Code of Ethics for Tourism ratified by over 200 countries. This code, which outlines ten articles on the rights and duties of professional sustainable tourism, has been ratified this year by six Spanish companies, namely Fuerte Hoteles, Ilunion Hotels, Europamundo Vacations, Port Aventura, Minube and Tarannà Viatges Club.

Thanks to the conference “The Spanish enterprises as the engine of responsible tourism”, the signing of the Global Code of Ethics has been possible and it has achieved a greater impact. Moreover, the WTO and the Spanish Global Compact Network, in collaboration, have created an initiative called “Responsible Tourism: a commitment by all”, with the intent to educate companies and tourism areas on the importance and need for a tourism focused on the needs of its customers without harming the environment.