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Biosphere Reserve

Lanzarote is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

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Sustainable exploitation of fishing resources


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3000 hours of sunshine a year

Renewable energy

100% clean

Sustainable Accommodations in Lanzarote

The Group of Sustainable Accommodations is constituted by establishments in whose Enterprise Policy includes a compromise with the environment, culture, nature and the social – economic development, namely, they make a sustainable development compatible with tourism.

This Group of Sustainable Accommodations of Asolan was established more than 15 years ago, laying the base for the standards of Sustainable Tourism recognised by UNESCO and OMT, having been transferred to other sectors too. They contribute to the dissemination of the image of the sustainability of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands through their work and participation in conferences and forums, national and internationally and through the implementation of diverse activities of different kinds.

The Sustainability Policy of these accommodations translates as the meeting of the requirements and implementation of good environmental, social, cultural and economic practices, as well as providing the means for its compliance.

Sustainability Policy

  • Strict Compliance

    Strict compliance with legal, environmental and regulatory requirements.

  • Awareness – Training Plan

    It improves the services and attention given to our customers. In addition to achieving a greater staff awareness, as well as customer engagement and respect for the environment while on vacation.

  • Conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage

    Collaborating in the conservation of cultural resources and the promotion of knowledge on behalf of the visitors to the destination.

  • Environmental Conservation

    Minimising negative environmental impacts derived from activities of the establishments, through adequate management of consumption, waste, emissions, etc.

  • Design of an Action Plan

    In order to carry out the Sustainability Policy, the establishment produces an Action Plan, which allows it to track the development and fulfilment of the objectives.

  • Communication and Dissemination

    Communicating actions containing specifications of sustainability.

  • Economic and Social Development of the Destination

    Contributing to the economic and social development of the destination through a particular shopping policy.

  • Customer satisfaction, responsible tourism

    Ensuring the quality, safety and accessibility of the service provided. Also providing information to the customers about the responsible actions and activities that promote the awareness and respect of the visitors towards the destination.

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To get to know our activities, consult our annual reports (2013 and 2014) (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016) and the 2017 action plan.

Advice for the development of good practices in: water management, energetic efficiency, minimisation of waste and socially responsible activities.

Please contact us for any additional information about the Group of Sustainable Accommodations in Lanzarote.

Areas of Activity

Ecology 78%
Recycling 73%
Social Responsibility 92%
Nature 88%
Advice 78%