ASOLAN and CIDE organize a workshop about heating outdoor swimming pools

ASOLAN and CIDE organize a workshop about heating outdoor swimming pools

Various energy efficient solutions were presented together with ways of combining different renewable energy sources and details about subsidies available.  

On Tuesday July 9th, CIDE (the Canarian consortium of centres of innovation & business development) and ASOLAN (Lanzarote’s Association of Hotel and Apartment Owners), in conjunction with INCANAE (Energy Saving Canarian Engineering), held a technical workshop at Club La Santa on how to comply with the RITE regulations governing thermal Installations in buildings.

This set of regulations stipulates the energy efficiency and safety requirements that must be in place to ensure thermal installations are to code and meet the required standards of hygiene (for human use) with regard to heating outdoor swimming pools.

The technical workshop was delivered by Elías Casañas, manager of INCANAE, an engineering firm specialized in energy saving systems and installations, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Casañas stressed that, to be sure of meeting the requirements of the RITE regulations, a preliminary study that takes into account annual energy consumption must be carried out. In doing so, engineers can recommend the best energy efficient solutions and the most favourable combination of renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, aerothermal or geothermal. 

The day ended with a guided tour of the Club La Santa with the club’s Head of Technical Services, Diego Fernández, who together with Elías Casañas, explained the different energy saving technologies and renewable energies in use, as well as the centralized control system which ensures maximum energy and operational efficiency of all the Club’s facilities.