Spanish hotels go green

Spanish hotels go green

More and more Spanish chains and small hotels are consolidating sustainable policies to reduce their environmental impact

Spain’s large chains as well as small boutique hotels and independents are introducing various measures to cut down their impact on the environment and offer their guests sustainable alternatives.

Hotels know that their guests are more and more aware of environmental issues and are therefore backing measures that range from eliminating the use of plastics to introducing the use of renewable energies.

Elegant boutique hotels such as the La Isla and Mar Hotel, in Lanzarote, and the Pulitzer in Barcelona, have ​​obtained the Biosphere certificate in recognition of their sustainable management.

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According to a Booking report, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of users searching for eco-friendly hotels over the past two years, accounting for more than a third of its users.

Interestingly, a great synergy emerges when, on the one hand, hotels see the importance of adopting green policies in response to the large number of people looking for environmentally friendly accommodation, whilst at the same time, guests who get to see sustainable ideas in action are, in turn, made more aware of environmental issues and encouraged to adopt their own sustainable measures in their companies or at home.