“Fundacion Intermundial” announces the First Responsible Tourism Award

“Fundacion Intermundial” announces the First Responsible Tourism Award

Those companies that, participating in FITUR in any of its modalities, are working in Responsible Tourism in the last two years will be able to participate.

“Fundación Intermundial”, supporting the International Year of Sustainable Tourism proclaimed by the UN, announces the First Responsible Tourism Award, with the collaboration of FITUR and the Hotel Technological Institute (“Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero”).

The I Responsible Tourism Award is a recognition of the involvement of tourism companies that work for the development and activation of a tourism that advocates responsible practices with the environment, the economy and local society.

The Prize is addressed to all those exhibiting companies in FITUR that in the last 2 years are working towards responsible tourism, implementing concrete measures of operation or through direct actions with his customers. To participate, you can send your candidatures to the email premios@fundacionintermundial.es, by completing the registration form.

The Prize consists of 3 categories, depending on the sector to which the participating company belongs:
• Hospitality: (accommodation, catering and related services)
• Transportation: (means of transport, airports, ports and others)
• Tourism products and services: (incentives and congresses, tour operators, agencies, leisure, health …)

The deadline for submitting applications has been extended until January 4, 2018.

Extensive information about the call and access to the contest rules, HERE.