The Rising Tide calls for a new life for the planet

The Rising Tide calls for a new life for the planet

“We have to decide the direction of the human being” reflects the British eco-sculptor deCaires Jason Taylor on his work The Rising Tide installed Tuesday at the foot of the Castle of San Jose in the Bay of Naos, Arrecife. “It’s a complaint,” he continues, “a call on climate change and the consequences that have put us in the hands of businessmen or those of children, owners of the future of the planet”.

His work, however, goes further. The four riders on horses whose heads resemble the oil extraction machinery are, at once, a reminder of “how small we are close to nature. We cannot control the waves, tides that submerge and discover. We are very fragile at the force of nature.”

Jason deCaires Taylor believes The Rising Tide is also a “welcome artistic to Lanzarote” as its strategic position in the Bay of Naos will make it visible to visitors and tourists arriving to an island “that breathes art.”

The Rising Tide invited to reflect on a new man for a new planet defined by the massive impact that man has on him. “It is a definition of the new relations that should exist between man and nature from all the effects of our actions remain in the ecological record long after disappear our cities. It is ultimately a cry for life “.

The sculptural set of deCaires Taylor is located in the intertidal zone at the foot of geological building that houses the Castle of San José, and enriches, since last Tuesday, the art collection of the International Museum of Contemporary Art-Castillo de San José.