Club La Santa

Club La Santa

Club La Santa is the world’s leading active holiday resort with world class facilities and over 30 sports and activities included in the accommodation price. Our aim is to provide a first class service, comfortable accommodation, good food, a great social atmosphere.

· Almost half of the 7000m³ of water heated daily for our swimming pools and domestic use is heated using Photovoltaic or Thermal Solar Energy generated onsite.

· All waterused in pool filtering is stored in tanks and then later used as “grey water”, for use in bathrooms and cisterns throughout the hotel apartments and gardens.

· Our gardens contain autochthonous plants, which are perfectly adapted to our natural surroundings, requiring one tenth less water than most other gardens.

· We use only ecological insecticides and pesticides on our gardens.

· We operate a recycling policy around the hotel for glass, plastics, paper.

· We use only energy-efficient LED light bulbs throughout the whole resort.


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